About Issa Asad

Who is Issa Asad?

Issa Asad QLink

Issa Asad is one of the innovators of telecom. He is the founder and CEO of Reliable Telecard and is an influential figure in the world of telecom and technology. He is the CEO of Q Link Wireless – a subsidiary of Quadrant Holdings, LLC. This companies are located in Dania, Florida.

Issa Asad’s commitment and vision to his companies have produced continuous yearly profits. Issa Asad has experience in marketing, including the sales and development of quality and successful marketing campaigns.

Mr. Asad has been the CEO, Founder and Managing Member of several telecom and technology companies across South Florida since 1996. He has led some of the nation’s first-rate telecommunications companies, including:

  • RTN Networks
  • NCOM Networks
  • Reliable Telecard.

Issa Asad is currently the CEO of Q Link Wireless, LLC, and Quadrant Holdings, LLC, both located in Dania, Florida. He has been in the telecom industry since 1996 and he helped establish a prepaid phone industry that is now worth more than hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

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