Issa Asad Pokemon GO

Issa Asad Shares 4 Tips to Use Pokemon GO to Drive Business

Issa Asad Shares 4 Tips to Use Pokemon GO to Drive Business

Pokémon GO is a popular reality mobile game in which participants seek out and confine digital Pokémon. At first, you might fail to recognize the importance of this game to your business. “However there are several ways you can use this game to lure local gamers to your site at a fee,” said Issa Asad Florida businessman and CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless (located in South Florida). PokéStops and gyms are the two types of locations which regularly lure players and can be used to generate more returns for your business. Herein are four useful tips on how to use Pokémon GO to drive more business sales.

1. Host a Lure Party

An item known as a Lure module can be placed on PokéStops. The modules usually attract players to that site once set off. Buy a set of these modules and use “Pokémon GO Lure Party” to market it. Hosting a lure party is the perfect way to attract players to your business if it is located near a PokéStop.

It is a cost effective and easy marketing technique as well. Download the free Pokémon GO account from App stores, buy a set of lure modules, and arrange them at your closest PokéStop. Each lure lasts for 30 minutes, use them in sequence to form an elongated lure party. Pair the lure party with unique deals to get that extra cash.

2. Gym Battle Tournaments

If your establishment is nearer a Pokémon Gym than a PokéStop, market your battle tournaments in advance. You can also provide incentives to the winners of this tournament. Players who effectively turn into gym leaders with valid gamer ID’s will access the incentives or discount on the game day.

This is the perfect way to connect competitors of this game to your business and and be able to attain numerous gym team members to your site. As you offer incentives to winners, their team members will be available too, hopefully as full term users.

3. Host a Poké-Hunt

For you to effectively initiate a Pokémon GO hunt, market the time and date of the game, wait for gamers to assemble and take a stroll in your area with them. Make your business visible throughout the event by bringing in your employees who will wear t-shirts branded with your business info on them. An after party is very important at any Poké-hunt event. Summon the players back to your business place to compare their hauls and offer them trainer talk. This technique is mostly perfect for restaurants.

4. Pokémon GO Social Media Deals

You can use this game to gain more visibility on social media. Pay customers to take a screen shot of a Pokémon in your establishment, post it on their social media accounts and even tag your business . This will greatly boost your brand awareness online. Furthermore, it will allow nearby gamers to see the number of unique and fascinating Pokémon players who visit to your business. This will motivate them to come along and join the fun as well.

Pokémon GO offers various businesses a completely new advertising strategy which costs almost nothing to employ. Therefore it is important to use the four tips mentioned above to benefit effectively from the craze of this game.

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