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Issa Asad 5 Tools to Help You Create Better Social Media Images

The social media marketing industry is thriving and better than ever. With more people visiting social media sites each day than any other kind of website on the internet, the evidence that adding a social media strategy to your business’s marketing techniques is vital if you want to succeed.

“One of the best ways to present your data to customers on social media has been proven to be through visual content instead of text-based content,” explained Issa Asad Florida social media expert and businessman. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link WirelessTo help you get started with visual presentations on your social media profiles, we are going to show you Issa Asad 5 tools to help you create better social media images.

When comparing text to visual presentations, it has been proven that a person only stores around 20% of what they read, while 80% of a visual presentation are usually stored for future use. These statistics should motivate you to present the text posts you want to publish on social platforms in a visual way instead. By taking advantage of the 5 tools we are going to introduce to you, you will be able to create engaging images that will also increase the share-rate for the content on your social profiles.

1. Paint.NET

One of the most commonly used tools for creating a wide variety of images, including infographics and content-sharing images, is Paint.NET. This is a free tool that can be downloaded to any computer running Microsoft Windows operating system and includes a vast variety of useful functions that allows anyone to create advance visual content.

The tool offers an advance set of features including the ability to edit almost any kind of image, the ability to add special effects to an image and the tool also works with layers, which means a more professional editing experience can be expected.

2. PicMonkey

A popular choice for browser-based image editors that allow users to also create new images from scratch is PicMonkey. The tool can be used directly online and allows for importing of existing images, as well as the ability to craft something entirely from scratch. PicMonkey is a free tool that offers basic functionality, but additional features can be unlocked by purchasing a PicMonkey Royale subscription.

Apart from the usual functions that you would expect any type of image editor to offer, this tool also offers additional special effects such as the ability to increase the whiteness of teeth, add frames to a picture and much more.

3. Canva

Canva is a popular choice amongst internet marketers due to their user-friendly interface and the wide variety of pre-designed templates that a user can choose from. The tool provides a variety of features in the free version, as well as additional functionality when a user chooses to upgrade their account.

The tool can be used to create anything from a Facebook cover photo to an informative infographic. You can also choose from hundreds of free images to import into your design, upload your own images to your design or buy stock photos from Canva’s built-in library.

4. Pablo

A popular image creation tool amongst social media experts is Pablo. This tool was created by Buffer, the social media automation tool. The tool is free to use and also includes a large amount of royalty-free images that can be imported into a design.

Pablo focuses on giving users the ability to create social media images for their social posts by allowing the user to start with a photo, add some text and also giving the user the ability to add additional images to the design.

5. Pixlr

A more advance tool that can be used to edit existing images or to craft creations from start to finish is Pixlr. The tool comes in two different versions. The first version is Pixlr Express, which provides the user with basic image editing functionality; while the second version called Pixlr Editor provides a wider variety of features.

The tool can be used to spice up existing images, add special effects to pictures such as borders and overlays, as well as to add text on top of images to create a visual content presentation that social media followers will love.

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