Issa Asad Stop Procrastinating

Issa Asad 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stop Procrastinating

Issa Asad 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stop Procrastinating

Everyone has experienced procrastination at some point in their lives. It’s a constant struggle that people have to overcome every single day. The main difference between successful people and procrastinators is that they don’t allow the temptation to win over their lives. Usually, people will come up with the most creative excuses to somehow feel that procrastination is normal.

“Allowing it to affect the outcome of your business will be a huge waste, so instead of having fulfilled all of your obligations, you will find yourself right back where you started,” said Issa Asad Florida CEO of 2 companies (Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless,located in South Florida). Mr. Asad is also the author of 4 social media and e-commerce marketing e-books.

It will be very difficult to be productive when you make it a habit to procrastinate. It’s important to think about smart and actionable strategies which will help you break past mental barriers. Today, let’s discuss Issa Asad 3 ways entrepreneurs can stop procrastinating.

1. Keeping Yourself Accountable

By having the commitment to get things done within a specific time frame, you make yourself accountable. Doing this will keep you on track of your priorities. Being responsible for your actions will help you become more productive. A great way to keep yourself accountable is by writing down your short term and long term goals. It’s also best to keep a to do list at all times so that wherever you are you’ll always be reminded of the things you need to accomplish. You can maximize the use of your mobile phone by creating reminders on your calendar. This way you would avoid making up excuses because you’ll have everything you need with you at all times.

2. Having Self-Awareness

Successful people all share one common trait, self-awareness. It means fully understanding why you’re feeling a certain way and the reason for your actions. By practicing self-awareness, you will be able to determine the main cause of your procrastination. Once you have figured out what causes it, it will be much easier to find a solution to eradicate it. Knowing the root cause of your problem will help you in effectively formulating the best strategy to overcome it. Procrastination occurs because of various reasons. Some of the most common ones include lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed and boredom. Self-awareness will bring a positive change in your business. It will be able to cut off the cause of procrastination.

3. Planning Ahead

One of the best ways to stop procrastination is by always having a plan. Entrepreneurs are easily sidetracked by the most unimportant things. By knowing exactly what you need to be doing at a specific time, you eliminate the temptation of procrastination. With the huge amount of priorities you need to accomplish, it’s very common to feel unmotivated. There would be days when you wouldn’t know where to begin. This causes a lot of confusion and makes you think about accomplishing it the following day instead. Planning ahead and having a to do list will keep you on track. Before starting out any project, make sure that you have a plan. The best time to do this is the night before your scheduled plan. You will have a clear picture of your priorities ranging from its highest to lowest ratings.

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