Issa Asad Email Marketing

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Rocks for Business

For quite some time now, email has been and will continue to be one of the more effective marketing tools for business and marketing. Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur, businessman, and author agrees: “the delivery of mass emails and personal approach of one on one communication is enabled by email marketing,” said Asad. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of 2 companies in South Florida, including Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless.

Only the lack of creativity on the sender’s part limits the potential of marketing via email; this communication vehicle provides lots of useful data that can be utilized in making business decisions within an organization and helps to turn leads into sales.

Correctly using email marketing is valuable to recipients and helps to provide the recipients with useful content and pertinent information that can be digested as needed no matter where they are as well as when they want to. Below are a 3 reasons why email marketing still rocks for business.

1. Email Is More Effective

Marketing Sherpa research institute reports that companies send over 100,000 emails every month which yields a 94% return. Gigaom has indicated in a 2014 report that email was used on a regular basis by 86% of marketers and 56% said that email marketing is their most effective marketing method. Email has been named by the report as the workhorse of digital marketing when it comes to customer acquisition as the technique has become the foundation and best tactic in reaching goals such as awareness, conversion, acquisition as well as retention. Success in customer retention was reported by Econsultancy analysts in another 2014 report as being dominated by email by a whole 20 percent points of social network marketing.

2. Email Outperforms Social Media Marketing

Another reason why email is a great way of marketing is the fact that it still is outperforming social media despite the rise in companies’ use of social media marketing tactics and strategies. Econsultancy analysts’ 2014 report indicated that ROI by email had an “excellent” rating both in store and online when targeted email offers were sent out by companies. A very large number of businesses that constitute the majority say that email is the most effective in generating leads and communicating with customers, as Circle Research reported that number being at almost 90%.

3. Email Can Be Automated

Marketing automation serves as yet another reason businesses have benefited greatly in using email marketing for lead generation and other things. Email success is dependent on marketing automation and helps to personalize, design, test and optimize campaigns by email to get the most out of their email initiative efforts. Tools such as A/B testing are leveraged to see which images and subject lines are most effective. The use of such tools not only helps in developing a more successful email campaign but also in other areas of marketing. Successful wording in email can be used in traditional ad campaigns and landing pages.

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