Issa Asad Buyable Pins

Issa Asad 3 Methods for Buyable Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most exciting social networks today. With amazing image sharing options, Pinterest has gained its place among the biggest social networks in a short period of time, seeing its value skyrocketing as more and more users become active members of this platform. Last June, Pinterest launched a new feature that can revolutionize the e-commerce industry and this article provides methods for you to get advantage of this new feature. This feature is called buyable pins and gives people the opportunity to purchase directly showcasing products from your pins.

“More than 87% of Pinterest users have purchased a product because they have seen it on the social network and 93% percent of users use the site like a shopping list,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings. He is also the author of four social media and e-commerce marketing e-books, which can be purchased on Amazon.

The stats that Mr. Asad reveal indicate that Pinterest is more than a social network, it is a shopping site. With buyable pins, purchasing a product from Pinterest becomes a hustle free, mobile-friendly process that will probably benefit a variety of retailers. So in this article we have included Issa Asad 3 methods for buyable pins on Pinterest.

1. Get to Know Your Audience

With Pinterest, knowing what your targeted audience likes is easier than ever. As 93% percent of users, are here to shop there is no better network for you to understand your customers’ needs. Watch closely what they pin, what they send to their friends and what they shop. This will give you a pretty good idea of how to leverage this knowledge into future sales.

2. Use a Compatible Commerce Platform

As buyable pins are still in their infancy level, there are a handful of e-commerce platforms that are integrated with this new feature. One of the best cooperating platforms is Shopify. Pinterest has partnered with Shopify to give you the ability to sell directly to the network, just by adding the network’s sales channel to your shopify store. Another e-commerce platform that is integrated with buyable pins is Demandware. Shopify users have already started using buyable pins, converting pins to sales.

Dive into Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is an essential tool if you want to accelerate your sales growth. If you sign up to analytics, you will be able to take advantage of Pinterest as a marketing channel with the unlimited potential of reaching new customers. This tool gives you the ability to see the number of impressions, clicks, views and repins. You can also take a closer look at the demographic stats such as countries languages, gender, metro area and interests. All of this information can be easily converted into sales if you understand it well enough to target your specific audience. Data visualization is one of the most important marketing features that you can use and with Pinterest Analytics it’s all there for you. In order to use analytics you need a verified site and a Pinterest business account.

By implementing these strategies to your marketing activity you will be able to take advantage of what Pinterest has to offer and easily convert pins into sales. With its large customer database and useful analytics feature, Pinterest is here to shake the waters of the e-commerce industry.

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