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Issa Asad How to Improve Your Snapchat Marketing

Things change. A few years ago marketing on social media was all about Facebook and Twitter. That was before they figured out they could make more profits by introducing the pay-to-play kind of exposure. Now we have new players stepping in, and the two aforementioned heavy hitters losing their organic glow.

“Next to Instagram, Snapchat is fast becoming the social site major brands are falling back on in an effort to grow their organic customer base,” said Issa Asad Florida social media expert, businessman, and entrepreneur. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings (located in South Florida), and the author of four social media marketing and e-commerce marketing e-books.

Having said that, here’s Issa Asad how to improve your Snapchat marketing:

1. Use Freebees

Freebees work on almost every social platform. Snapchat doesn’t make an exception. The time-limit feature means you have limited time to engage your followers. Freebees are a good way to lure them in in the shortest time possible.

Start by asking the audience you have to participate by submitting their entries. You can then shift the interaction to a more personalized level by replying to them directly on a one-on-one basis. You can do this by creating sponsored stories or a series of snaps built around your brand. This should create anticipation and help you spread the word around. It’s simple—just ask your audience to submit their names and email addresses. You can also invite them to follow you or ask them to answer a question or two and reward them afterwards with freebees. Tactics abound.

Whatever you decide to use, don’t forget to use hashtags on the content you have created. Reason being, followers find hashtags easy to share. This may also get you lots of new followers should the content end up trending.

2. Upload Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Behind-the-scenes footage are a great way to make your Snapchat followers start viewing you as a person—not just a brand. Your followers want to connect with you and feel like they are part of your business. This is particularly the case if the bulk of the demographic you serve consists of the young audience.

Use behind the scene footage to create anticipation and at the same time add a personalized touch to your content. Give your audience something to laugh about, and take a detour off your brand to engage with them on a personal level. The behind the scenes footage you upload could be about your staff having fun, the company in operation mode, a step-by-step guide on how the company produces a certain product, or a teaser to a product you’re about to launch.

3. Question and Answer Interaction

Snapchat is one of the most interactive social platforms at the moment. It’s therefore easy to start a question and answer session with your followers. It’s recommended that you approach the entire interaction casually. Refer to your followers by their names or better, pet names. Ask them about their weekend or their view on anything trending.

It’s best that you make the interaction educational and fun at the same time. Ask your audience questions and give them the opportunity to ask you random questions as well. You can respond to formal questions posed by some of the followers you have but try on your part to keep the whole interaction casual.

This method works best if you’re dealing with a young audience. And since the platform encourages quick replies, you’ll find yourself interacting with hundreds of followers within a very short time stretch.

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