Issa Asad Low Sales

Issa Asad 5 Things That Diminish Your Business Sales

We always blame outside forces for plummeting business sales. We never take time consider whether we could be the cause of our reduced sales. Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and CEO of three companies (Q Link Wireless, Bond Media, and Quadrant Holdings) agrees: “Oftentimes, we come up with business ideas that we rush to implement without first asking ourselves whether whatever we are doing is really helpful.” Mr. Issa Asad is the author of 4 social media and e-commerce marketing e-books.

Continue reading this article to know 5 things that diminish your business sales.

1. Too Much Talk

As a shrewd marketer, practice little talk and much more attentive listening. That’s why most people disappoint in sales interviews. When asked a simple sales-related question by the panelists, they blab on endlessly without giving precise answers to simple questions. Even while on a selling mission, such people do not have a practical and tactical way of approaching a potential customer. They entertain the mistaken thinking that a good salesperson should be talkative. Although this may not be very far from the truth, a prudent salesperson ought to be a very patient listener as well. If whatever you say does not make sense to prospective customers, then you are just making unnecessary noise. And for you to speak sense, you must first listen carefully to what a potential buyer has to say so that you can tactfully chip in and convince them to try your product.

2. Failure to Ask Questions

One of the greatest secrets of dominating a conversation that inept salespeople don’t seem to know is asking relevant questions throughout the dialogue. By asking simple but well-chosen questions and listening attentively, you will be able to gather all the key information you need to positively influence a prospective client. Asking proper questions and patiently listening as your prospects speak gives them an enlivening sense of self-worth. Find out what your potential buyers want and tell them what they want to hear so that you can give them what they want. Mediocre salespeople dismiss easy-to-convince prospects for being “difficult” while the truth is that they would have won them over with a little more considerate listening.

3. Not Knowing Potential Buyers/Clients

You cannot spend time marketing an auto spare accessory to a person who does not own a car. You should exclusively focus on people who own automobiles in such a case. Despite your marketing skills, selling to the wrong person is a waste of precious time at best. Average-minded salespeople assume that marketing to everyone is helpful because they mistakenly think that such people will sell for them. This is very unlikely to happen. Make better use of your time by selling to people who matter.

4. Using Wrong Language

Speaking to many people at once is too generalized to help you make any significant sales. Narrowing your audience to a few individuals is more useful because you can tailor your language to reach a more specific targeted audience. Using the jargon that helps you connect with targeted audience makes it easier for you to convince them.

5. Lack of Respect

Simple acts that show respect endear you to even the most stubborn prospects. Showing respect involves many like things like offering courteous compliments, keeping time, and upholding the right dress code. If you send the message that you don’t esteem your clients, then be sure to lose them to your business rivals.

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