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Issa Asad How to Promote Your Business Using Reddit

Reddit is a popular website that has earned its place in the competitive industry by bringing people with similar interests together using a unique approach. People meet there to curate and talk about the best content online. Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur, social media expert, and businessman uses Reddit to promote his social media posts: “Groups of people with similar interests on Reddit are better known as communities and their work is to go through content by other users so that they can vote on it,” said Mr. Asad, who is the CEO of Q Link Wireless, Quadrant Holdings, and Bond Media, all located in South Florida.

In a normal situation this would attract spammers but the website has succeeded at stopping that using “Karma” points. This way users will “upvote” and increase your points if the content is helpful and “downvote” to reduce your points it if it is spam.

Reddit has a downside in that it limits the number of times you are able to submit content but Reddit has a solution for it. Sub-Reddits are smaller communities where users can freely discuss topics that interest them without undue consequences. Here’s how to promote your business using Reddit:

1. Encouraging User Submissions

Remember that Reddit is a site for interaction and not a platform through which you can send messages to your avid fans. In light of this you should encourage their input to make things more interesting. Top Gear-the popular car show- drives users to engage with one another by asking them to submit their favorite car pictures. The best is featured on the sidebar of their sub-Reddit thereby giving people a much needed feeling of ownership.

2. Customer Service

Customers often need help and Xbox 360 has mastered the art of excellent customer service using sub-Reddits. They redirect Microsoft customers to the right channels to resolve their issues. Their sub-Reddit clearly identifies their purpose, creates sections with useful links and outline directions on how users can access fast customer service.

3. Interviews

Like the Breaking Bad sub-Reddit you can conduct interviews with relevant personalities. For Breaking Bad this was instrumental in reducing the bridge between actors and fans thereby creating a sense of community. Using this tactic ensures that the fans are heard and get the chance to interact most memorably.

4. Spoiler Control

Sometimes community can be a headache especially when you want some information secret and someone leaks it. This is often inevitable when dealing with human beings but it is possible to put a leash on spoilers. You should create a posting policy and create theme modes that help users to control what they see. Game of Thrones sub-Reddit uses this technique to ensure that nobody spoils user’s favorite show.

Creating a community takes a lot of sweat and time but that is the price that others have to pay on other platforms as well. The unique features on this site however makes it more enjoyable to interact with fans, customers and other users who may be interested in your brand. Once you have established the community make it your goal to supply users with beneficial content that will prompt discussion among them. Only then can you claim success at marketing your brand on “the front page of the Internet”, or Reddit as many know this website.

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