Issa Asad Entrepreneur Decompress

Issa Asad 3 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Decompress

Entrepreneurs are often focused on building their businesses and furthering their enterprises, often to the exclusion of key components such as rest and relaxation. It can certainly be difficult to relax when entrepreneurs are not only thinking over the day’s events but planning for what will come tomorrow and the day after that. However, decompressing is a valuable skill to learn.

“Taking that time to recharge can be invaluable as it means recharging your greatest resource, yourself,” said Issa Asad Florida businessman, social media expert, and entrepreneur. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless, Bond Media, and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida. Issa Asad has assembled a list of three ways for entrepreneurs to decompress. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but we promise it’ll be worth it.

Here are Issa Asad 3 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Decompress:

1. Start a Journal

Starting a journal is the perfect way to decompress after a long day. It can help you reflect on what happened and what you would like to do. It’s a great way to clear a cluttered and stressed mind, and looking at a journal can help you get a truer sense of how things have been going. It’s one of the best ways for an entrepreneur to relax because it’s still productive– just without any added stress.

Best of all, a decent journal will only cost you anywhere from one to ten dollars, perfect if you’re still on a budget while making your millions. Keeping a journal will allow you to dump everything that’s on your mind and let it go for the time being, making it an ideal tool in your decompression tool kit.

2. Go Off the Grid and Turn Off Technology

Whether it’s for an hour, a day, or under a week, going off the grid is a good thing to do. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, who can often spend too much time dialed in to technology, answering emails, and making and receiving phone calls. With all that mental stimulation, it can be easy to get a burn out of sorts. Too much time on a little screen can frazzle the best of us.

Change it up by taking a break from all the stimulation and go back to existing without all the bells and whistles. There are so many ways to do this, from going fishing to turning the phone off and going for a hike, or just going and spending a couple of days in a cabin (or your local hotel on a stay-cation). Going off the grid doesn’t mean going full caveman, it must means taking some time out to live and exist without work. Don’t worry, with proper scheduling you can go off grid–for a little while, anyway.

3. Listen to Uplifting Podcasts

Podcasts are everywhere these days, in a number of topics and niches. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, why not download a selection of your favorites and listen to them? It’s a great way to decompress on the drive home or while cooking some food. Listening to podcasts about business and podcasts that feature people you admire. You’ll get awesome outside information and insight about topics relevant to you as well as a chance to kick back and unwind.

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