Business Inspiration Issa Asad

4 Ways to Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Brain

Entrepreneurs are people who are creative, that is they have innovative ways of coming up with new ideas in solving problems, finding new patterns, and viewing the world in a new spectrum. Therefore, in order to be inspired and motivated they need to be alert so that their brain can function effectively. You should ensure that your overall mental health is good by regular exercise and avoiding stressful situations for your brain to be creative.

People have unique and different ways of keeping their brain active, healthy, and alert, such as going on a trip, exercising, meeting new people, reading, or writing down their new ideas. “For entrepreneurs, who are considered a rare breed to inspire their brain, they must engage in mental exercise instead of morning coffee that might cause lack of sleep,” exclaimed Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur, businessman for over 18 years, and CEO of Quadrant Holdings, Q Link Wireless, and Bond Media (all located across South Florida).

The following are the 4 ways to inspire your entrepreneurial brain and stay focused.

1. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise such as running not only keeps you fit, but also improves your mental health. When you exercise, your heart beat rate increases, which in turns improves the brain function by supplying oxygenated blood to the brain. Exercise will also release endorphins, which increase energy levels and prevent depression. Aerobic exercise is known for boosting the size of hippocampus and, in addition, stimulates the discharge of chemicals found in the brain that prevent new blood vessels from being formed and affecting the growth brain cells.

2. Nourish Your Brain with Vitamin D

You want to keep your brain alert and active; you should therefore consider giving your brain some sunlight every day. For most people, when they want to be active take a cup of coffee due to the effect of caffeine that sometimes increases cognitive function, coffee does the trick. However, if taken for a long time, caffeine has the effect of causing sleeplessness, which is unhealthy for the brain. You should therefore use the natural blue light from sunlight to nourish and stimulate your brain, hence keeping it active. You can do this by taking a walk outside for about 10 minutes in the sunlight.

3. Avoid Stress

Stress is always caused by negative thoughts. Even though stressful situations are inevitable in our daily life, we can still improve our mental health by having positive thoughts. Disappointments are part of life, but you should console yourself that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Do not always think that you are a victim of circumstances, but rather have control over your destiny and set some realistic and achievable goals in life.

4. You Should Brainstorm

When you brainstorm you are able to come up with solutions to your problems. You can visualize your thoughts, objectives, or business ideas and come up with strategies to help achieve these goals. This is also a good exercise for the brain, but ensure that you write your objectives and ideas down so that you can revisit and evaluate yourself. Every time you envision these objectives – even just for 5 minutes – your entrepreneurial brain is inspired to work hard and stay focused in order to achieve your objectives.

Therefore, for entrepreneurs to stay motivate, inspired, and successful, they must practice mental exercises in order for their brain to remain awake and active. This will not only boost their physical health, but also make them successful.

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