Issa Asad customer service

How to Provide Over the Top Customer Service

If you have been keeping tabs on small business related news, you may have noticed that the term OTTS continuously surfaces itself in an abundance of news articles. The term OTTS means “over-the-top-service.” It is used to describe the concept of providing customer service that is of the highest quality.

“Essentially, over the top service takes the concept of providing excellent customer service to a whole new level,” says Issa Asad Florida businessman and entrepreneur for more than 18 years. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of three companies located in South Florida, including Bond Media, Q Link Wireless, and Quadrant Holdings.

Let’s take a look at how to provide over the top customer service.

1. Cultivate an Aura Of Luxury

When you go to a luxurious spa, the aura of luxury that it consist of, is immediately felt. For starters, most luxury spas provide their clients with a cold or warm beverage to their clients as soon as they enter the building. After which, they get the opportunity to have their skin tantalized by a comfortable warm robe, as they sit in luxurious premium leather sitting, while they wait for their appointment. This is due to the fact that spas specialize in providing luxury.

When it comes to providing over-the-top-service, you should strive to replicate an aura of luxury as well. As such, consider the possibility of providing special amenities to your customers such as water, coffee, snacks or even candy. In addition to that, ensure that the room of the establishment continuously emanates a professional, clean scent via the utilization of an automatic air freshener that periodically sprays the room on its own. By doing this, you will essentially make your customers look forward to visiting your establishment, even if they are doing their chores or completing an errand.

2. Formulate Mental or Actual Notes on Your Clientele

While it may be true that acceptable customer service consist of being punctual such as greeting your customers and asking them questions about their day or in essence “small talk,” over-the-top service consist of having meaningful conversations with your customers, in an effort to demonstrate that they are special. A prime example would be remembering that they had an issue with their wife and asking them if the issue was situated. In order for you to do this, pay close attention to what your customers say and make mental notes. Additionally, if you receive an influx of customers you can make physical notes as well. The key thing to remember is to find out the details of their personal lives.

3. Give Your Customer Freebies

There’s a reason why most big chain companies choose to periodically give away some of their products and services for free. No matter how you look at it, people love free things. As such, by providing your customers with freebies, it can help to procure a feeling of joy and it can help to retain them as well. In addition to that, a large amount of the people that you provide freebies to, will talk about the freebie they received and the company that gave it to them, on their social media profiles and to their close friends and family members via word of mouth as well.

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