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5 Tips for Tracking Your Business’ Social Media Accounts

There was a time when social media was little more than a trend, a pastime designed to keep the young and free occupied for several hours on end. Today, however, social media might be the most important tool in the business arena, essential in any given company’s efforts to market its wares and sell its brand.

Most businesses today appreciate the importance of social media, so much so that they have begun injecting considerable effort and finances into deploying marketing strategies specifically designed to take advantage of social media.

However, few such businesses ever the time to track and analyze the results of their social media marketing strategies; as a business administrator, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your efforts on social media, this allowing you to make the necessary changes in order to achieve optimum results.

“By tracking social media metrics, you are better equipped to craft content that is best suited to reach your audience,” said Issa Asad, a Florida entrepreneur, social media expert, and CEO of three companies located across South Florida, including Bond Media, Quadrant Holdings, and Q Link Wireless.

Here are 5 tips for tracking your business’ social media accounts.

1. Optimal Posting Times

There is such a thing as an optimal time for posting content on social media. A tool like sumAll will keep track of those metrics that allow you to determine those times of the day when you tend to get the most engagement from your audience, this along with the sort of content that attracts the best results. Such insights allow businesses to craft and schedule their posts accordingly.

2. Keyword Reach

If you are running a campaign connected to a specific hashtag, and if you want to figure out how far the hashtag has traveled over a given period of time, a tool like TweetReach will come in handy.

Along with showing you those most influential accounts that are most capable of spreading your message as well as the means with which to engage them, TweetReach allows individuals and companies to manage the reach and impact their hashtags and keywords have on Twitter.

3. The Competition

The easiest way of getting ahead on social media is to study your rivals, which is where a tool like Rival IQ comes into play, helping you understand where your competition is winning and losing. Understanding your competition’s approach to succeeding in their social media marketing strategies, as well as where they might be going wrong, will allow you to craft the most effective social media marketing strategies possible. As you rivals fail or succeed, you learn, adapt, improve and achieve greater heights of success.

4. Locating Web Traffic Sources

A customized landing page is the most effective way of determining where your traffic is coming from on any given platform. Understanding the most effective sources of traffic on social media will allow you to deploy your resources accordingly, this as opposed to wasting your efforts in areas and channels that are attracting little to no interest.

5. Measuring Clout

Klout is a powerful tool; it essentially measures your influence on social media by determining how your posts drive the actions of your followers. The tool will also allow you to measure the value of your followers and how their actions affect you; for instance, a re-tweet from a follower with a high Klout score has greater value than a re-tweet from an individual with a lower score.

It is quite the daunting task, measuring the various social media metrics; however, with so many tools on offer to perform such a task, the rewards are more than worth the effort; the more information you can gather, the better informed your decisions will be.

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  1. Hi Issa,

    Thanks for the TweetReach by Union Metrics shoutout; we appreciate it! Always proud to be a part of anyone’s social measurement arsenal.

    – Sarah A. Parker
    Social Media Manager | Union Metrics
    Fine Makers of TweetReach, The Union Metrics Social Suite, and more


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