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Follow These 3 Steps to Make an Effective Facebook Business Page

Facebook is one of the social media sites that have actually become the most used advertising platform for most of the businesses across the world. In fact, eleven million people make use this site every 18 minutes. Large businesses have distanced themselves from the traditional types of advertising and are therefore battling for the new customers on Facebook. As a matter of facts, it’s much easier and cheaper to create a Facebook page with a dynamic content when compared to the traditional ways of promoting your business that could be more expensive.

“Your Facebook account should be your primary website since it showcases the philosophy of your business,” said Issa Asad, Florida-based CEO and entrepreneur for over 18 years. Mr. Asad is also the CEO of Bond Media, Q Link Wireless, and Quadrant Holdings, all located in South Florida.

A well-designed Facebook page is not just how it looks but how it behaves. A perfect design can help you to stand out in the ever-competitive market. Follow these 3 steps to make an effective Facebook business page.

1. Nail Your Cover Photo

The cover photo is usually the focal point for every type of business on Facebook. It enhances the visual appeal of your business as well as luring fans and your followers on this site. This increases the brand value as well. A cover photo is normally the first thing that users get to note once they visit your company’s page. However, creating a cover photo that catches the attention of the users may sometimes be tedious. Some of the guidelines and policies that are set by Facebook for the cover photos include:

  • You shouldn’t include special characters or special terms like #, @.
  • You shouldn’t include superfluous descriptions or qualifiers that aren’t necessary.
  • Don’t exceed your text above 20% of the image.
  • Don’t mislead the followers by incorrect or even deceptive content.

In addition, the profile pictures and cover photos should be 180 x 180 and 851 x 315 pixels respectively. Cover photos must take up about a quarter of the screen on most the desktops. The following are the golden rules of the cover photos:

  • Right focus over the left focus; try to keep the call–to-action buttons on the right hand corner of the Facebook cover photo.
  • Synchronize cover photo with your profile photo.
  • Pin the post right below the cover photo. This makes the post more relevant and also interesting.

2. Customize Your Tabs

The new design of Facebook puts photos, likes as well the application below the cover photo. In fact, the first spot in the layout is normally reserved for photos while the rest may be adjusted through the panel of the admin. You can use this opportunity to simply highlight your exceptional selling proposition via these tabs.

3. Pin, Star, or Hide

When you hover the mouse over the timeline entries, it shows a drop-down menu whereby you get an option to pin a certain post. Pin is a feature that helps you to show your intended content or post above the other timeline posts. Additionally, you can highlight the post that you like by simply putting a star on it. Also, the time limit allocated to keep the post pinned is about seven days.

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