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5 Smart Tips to Ensure Your Website Is a Success

A website forms an important way of communication with the potential costumers and the readers of the new companies. The website page forms the first impression about the company. So it is good to know about how effective one can create a website page for his company to grab more viewers and customers.

“The basic features of a good website are that it is more engaging, visually attractive and has an ability to grab more attention from the viewers,” said Issa Asad, an entrepreneur and businessman located in South Florida. Mr. Asad has been the CEO of various companies for over 18 years. He is currently the CEO of Quadrant Holdings, Q Link Wireless, and Bond Media.

Sometimes, it is important to note certain tips for making the website successful. This article discusses about five important tips as suggested by the YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) entrepreneurs for creating effective website pages for a startup company. Here are 5 smart tips to ensure your website is a success.

1. Usability

The first and the foremost point is the ease with which a potential customer can interact with the website’s home page. It is important to understand what the company wants the customer to do while visiting the company’s website. Easy usability of the website makes the customers feel more comfortable and improves the number of viewers for the website.

2. A Strong Call to Action

It is very important to create an interactive page without any ambiguity. After all, we create a website to attract customers and to find leads and prospects! The customers visiting the webpage should feel free about giving their mail id, signing up for free trials, calling a number, etc.

3. An About Us or Explanation Video

For a start up company, it is important to communicate about the value proposition both in a precise and quick manner. This can be either described in a written form under the “About Us” section or through an explainer video. The explainer video in the homepage is the best way to put lights on the proportions of a company because most of the visitors show interest in viewing the video before browsing the other sections of the webpage. It is revealed in the recent studies that 80 percent of the people viewing a company’s homepage will watch the video and the conversion rates has a possible increase by an average of 89 percent.

4. Simple and User-Friendly Navigation

It is good to be innovative and creative while designing a website for a startup. But we should not forget about the simplicity of its usage by the customers. The customers should not feel uncomfortable while using the website and the navigations should be easy while browsing the webpage. The titles should be clearly labeled to avoid confusion for the readers and the costumers. It is important to highlight important titles for which the customers are looking for and for which the customers are more interested to know about.

5. Page Loading Time

It is important to remember that the source of internet which people use to browse their website will vary, some of them use high-speed LAN while some of them can browse from their smartphones, and the internet speed is prone to vary in these cases. So it is important to keep the home page simple and clean of unwanted stuffs. The conversion rates can reduce by 7% even for a one-second delaying in page load, according to the KissMetrics research.

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