The 3 Best Tablets to Use for Business

Issa Asad TabletThere are many tablets currently in the market, all of them claiming to be better than one another. We’ve gathered the top 3 tablets which would be best for business use here.

“Tablets can help a business owner do a variety of things, including scheduling appointments, research, keeping a calendar, and more,” said Issa Asad, Florida businessman and CEO of Q Link Wireless, Quadrant Holdings, and Bond Media located in South Florida.

Listed below will be some of the pros and cons of each tablet, and why each one was chosen to be listed as a tablet for business use. Without further ado, the top three tablets for business are, the iPad Air 2, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and last but not least the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

1. iPad Air 2

The reason that the iPad Air 2 was chosen as a contender is because Microsoft Office has finally made it’s way onto the iOS platform. Apple also has a partnership with IBM for some custom enterprise software, which puts Apple ahead of the other competitors. The iPad Air 2 was mainly chosen due to it’s weight and size. This specific iPad only weighs in with less than a pound, and is only 0.24 inches thick. Other than that, the firmware which is included on the iPad Air is iOS 8.3 which is the smoothest and currently has the fastest performance out of all the other iOS firmware updates.

The battery within the iPad Air 2 is stated to last for approximately 10 hours even under constant use. These are just some of the reasons that the iPad Air 2 was chosen as the top contender for best business tablet.

2. Surface Pro 3

Next up is the Surface Pro 3, this device is posed as a real laptop as well as a tablet. Many know that if one wants to do work on this tablet, they are more than able to do so. The reason that this was placed second is due to it’s price as well as accessories. The Surface Pro 3 comes with a surface pen included in the packaging, however the additional keyboard cover needs to be purchased separately in order for optimal typing.

The Surface Pro 3 is also more expensive comparing to the iPad Air 2, and that is still without purchasing the type cover. Programs do run smoothly on this tablet as it operates on Windows 8.1 and has laptop grade specifications built in.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Finally we come to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, this specific tablet comes in either an 8.4 inch, or 10.5 inch display. These have amazing battery lives, as well as a fluid flow for the operating system. The operating system on this device however is Android, which might appeal to some more than others.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the cheapest tablet which is listed here, and the operation of it is also just as smooth. The only down side to this is that the applications on this device might be mobile versions, therefore users may not have full control over their editing modes.

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