10 Apps to Download on Your Apple Watch Immediately

Apple Watch Issa Asad FloridaApple released its first smartwatch toward the end of April 2015. The appropriately named Apple Watch has been well-received by critics and wearers alike. Unlike other smartwatches, Apple’s device features support for the App Store. Issa Asad, a telecommunications and technology entrepreneur from Florida says that the Apple Watch will revolutionize the way we use apps. Asad is also the CEO of three companies located across South Florida, including Q Link Wireless, Bond Media, and Quadrant Holdings. Users can browse through and download apps to use on their devices.

Here are 10 apps to download on your Apple Watch immediately:

1. Find Near Me (Free)

People are constantly searching for local businesses to patronize. Find Near Me takes a user’s location and provides information on nearby businesses and attractions. In fact, users can utilize Siri to search for restaurants, attractions, and even ATMs.

2. Shazam (Free)

Nothing is more annoying than hearing a song and not knowing its title or artist. With Shazam, users can shake their wrist while music is playing. The app will listen and then display song information automatically. Lyrics are even displayed for most songs.

3. TuneIn Radio Pro ($9.99

More than 100,000 radio stations are available from TuneIn Radio Pro. Stations from across the globe are accessible. Through the Apple Watch app, users can change the station on their associated iPhone app. Stations can be played, paused, or skipped from the watch, too.

4. Clear ($4.99)

For whatever reason, Apple hasn’t placed Reminders onto the Apple Watch yet. A user can create grocery lists and to-do lists with ease. List items can be ticked off upon completion, and new entries can be added with a few taps. On a smartwatch, lists have never been so easy.

5. Yelp! (Free)

The Apple Watch version of Yelp! focuses upon eating establishments like restaurants and coffee shops or bars. After finding an establishment, a wearer can tap on the result for more information. Each result comes with customer reviews, daily operating information, and payment option information.

6. Deliveries ($4.99)

Few people go longer than a week or two without expecting a package delivery. Fortunately, Deliveries gives users updates about packages on their Apple Watch. The app shows location information for packages en route, and notifications are sent for imminent deliveries.

7. Day One ($4.99)

Plenty of smartphone owners like to create a daily journal. With Day One, Apple Watch wearers can do the same thing. The app records location information and images from a paired iPhone to create entries. Then users can record information using Siri to complete a given entry for the day.

8. PCalc ($9.99)

Wearers can get a detailed calculator on their wrists with PCalc. The calculator is powerful enough to include support for operators. Likewise, a tip calculator is included, and the calculator is quite simple to navigate.

9. Twitterrific (Free With In-App Purchases)

For various reasons, Twitterrific is the best Twitter client designed for the Apple Watch. Users will see a condensed version of their Twitter feeds, including Direct Messages and favorites. Siri even allows wearers to respond to messages and more.

10. Slack (Free)

Slack has often been known as the perfect team communication app. For Apple Watch users, direct messages and mentions are shown in a simplistic feed. Replying is possible through both pre-defined responses and Siri voice inputs.

Currently, the Apple Watch features the most comprehensive app selection of all smartwatches. Most smartwatches don’t support downloadable apps in the first place. Apple plans to add native support for apps moving forward, and the selection of 3,000+ apps is only going to increase as time goes on. Until that happens, every Apple Watch user needs the apps on this list!

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