Garmin Vivoactive 101: Best Sport Watch Ever

Issa Asad Bond Florida

Issa Asad Florida CEO reviews the Garmin Vivoactive Sport Watch.

This is an informative guide all about the Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch, including its specifications, and an explanation to why it is the best sport watch ever.

In a nutshell, the Garmin Vivoactive is a wearable fitness smartwatch that offers an Android wearable guide with notifications and music controls. It has a top design that is lightweight enough for sporting events with a color LCD touchscreen. It makes a great GPS running watch because it offers GPS run tracking with insight to user’s pace and timing. It has an accelerometer that combines with an algorithm to determine distance, laps, calories burned, intervals, and length pace. The Vivoactive offers notifications on any incoming calls, emails, texts and calendar reminders.

The Specifications

(i) Design

The smartphone comes in black or white models, albeit with a fairly thin 8mm body. Its full dimensions are 43.8 X 38.5 X 8mm and it weighs less than 40g. It has an interchangeable strap and can be hidden under the shirt sleeves. It is lightweight enough to be suitable for any sports the watch is designed to work with.

(ii) The Color Touchscreen

The Vivoactive uses a color LCD that is easily readable in direct sunlight. It is a touchscreen with two capacitive buttons below the screen as well as buttons on either side. The swiping and pressing of icons depends with how you will navigate the device.

The Sports and Fitness Apps

Garmin makes a great GPS, and has utilized their GPS greatness in the Vivoactive. There is sensitive GPS tracking that helps make the watch’s fitness recording accurate and effective. It has tracking designed for various sports including running, golf, bicycling, and swimming.

(a) Running

When it comes to running, the smartwatch offers a true running aid. It offers GPS run tracking with advice on pace and timing. There is an addition of a separate heart rate monitor strap that can be used to provide post run summaries containing calories burned and personal records.

(b) Golf

The Vivoactive has details of more than 38,000 courses around the world with real-time updates on course information and pin yardage. There is the provision of the digital scoreboard that allows for the recording of drive length with one tap of a button.

(c) Cycling

There is the provision of a GPS powered cycling app that records your time on the bike, the distance covered, the speed, and the calories burned.

(d) Swimming

The Vivoactive has an accelerometer that combines with an algorithm to determine the distance, the lap, calories burned during each session, the interval, and the length pace. There is also the calculation of strokes per length, and interval and session averages.

The Smartwatch

The Vivoactive acts as a basic smart watch with notifications of incoming calls, emails, calendar reminders, and texting. It offers social media updates from Twitter and Facebook and allowance for other third party app notifications. There are music playback controls that are available to the user.

Battery Life and Extras

The Vivoactive comes with a rechargeable battery that last up to 3 weeks in the basic activity tracking mode, or up to 10 hours using the GPS function. The battery is a 5ATM water resistant rated meaning that it can perform in up to 50m of water.

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