5 Technology Essentials for Traveling this Summer

Issa Asad Florida Bond

Issa Asad, CEO of Bond Media and CEO of Florida-based Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless.

As summer nears, so does the urge to venture out and explore what Mother Nature has laid out before us. Issa Asad, who is a CEO of two Florida-based companies (Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings), has put together a list of his 5 technology essentials for traveling this summer. Whether heading towards mountains, beaches, the backyard or a posh resort, the following 5 summer essentials are perfect for this summer.

1. Mini Jambox


This high quality, compact speaker comes in a variety of colors while providing consumers with upwards of ten hours of battery life. The mini jambox is also equipped with a multi-play option that permits you to connect wirelessly and separate the speaker into left and right.

There is also a water safe option that is ideal for outings near the pool or at the beach.

2. The UP24 Fitness Band from Jawbone

up24Your summer fitness is able to receive a stylish yet functional boost with the incorporation of the UP24 wristband. This wristband will expressly track what you eat and how you move and sleep through your smartphone. This technological essential allows users to connect with services that include: Strava, MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and more.

The wristband is available in an assortment of colors such as persimmon, onyx, navy blue, lemon lime and pink coral.

3. Waka Waka Solar Charger

waka wakaThere are many reasons why gadget enthusiasts love Waka Waka so very much. This solar powered charger is not simply lightweight and incredibly durable; but it is additionally able to charge virtually any mobile device. Within a matter of a few hours, the Waka Waka light can have almost any small electronic device fully charged.

You can charge the solar powered light yourself by merely attaching it to a backpack for a few hours during the day. In addition to the previously stated benefits of the product, the company itself has the motto of “Buy One, Give One”. Each time that a consumer purchases a Waka Waka Soloar Powered Light, one is donated to a person within a developing country.

4. Kindle Fire

KindleFireHDX89HorizontalIn today’s society, an e-Reader is an absolute must, whether on vacation or not. There is not a single book lover that wishes to injure their shoulder carrying about an abundance of books. With the use of the Kindle Fire, you are able to carry every book and/or magazine that you fancy with easy and conveniently. Additionally, should at any time you desire another book, etc. it is within a few swipes of your grasp.

The Kindle Fire stands out above all other e-Readers due to its ability to deliver eleven hours of constant reading along with a crisp HDX display. Also the Fire delivers access to more than 100,000 games and applications while being priced less than most of its competition.

5. Venmo

Droitap-VenmoThis application alleviates the financial tension that can arise during a summer holiday. The Venmo application provides users with a means of truly splitting a bill. The application additionally allows for users to transfer money via its bank grade security measures. Users of Venmo are able to hold moneys within their accounts on the application or choose the option of “cashing out”. The application is synced to a checking account of the user’s choosing and changes are reflected as swiftly as 24 hours.

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