5 Reasons Why the Apple Watch Will Take Over the World

Issa Asad Q Link

Issa Asad, CEO of Florida’s Q Link Wireless is an enthusiast of the Apple Watch.

Since its April 10th release date, the Apple Watch has managed to garner over 1 million pre-orders. What makes this watch so coveted? Beside the Apple name what else does it do?

“Apple has simply put everything you need in a phone or pad and placed it in a watch,” said Issa Asad, a telecommunication and technology entrepreneur from South Florida. “The Apple Watch may be a touch heavier than an ordinary watch, but is going to prove that it is a whole lot more,” said Asad, who is also the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, both located in Dania, Florida.

The following are 5 reasons why the Apple Watch will take over the world.

1. Apple Pay

The iPhone 6 spoiled us with the payment app, Apply Pay. However, the Apple Watch will take it one step further, because now you won’t have to grab your phone out of your pocket to pay for things. Apply Pay has been successfully easy to use. The Apple Pay is already accepted at grocery stores and restaurants—just look for the Apple Pay symbol.

2. Phone Call Notification

By using your contacts that you have retrieved from your iPhone 6, you can create a friends circle in your Apple Watch. With this circle you can call or text and it will send you a notification when there is a call or text from within your circle of friends. With Apple Watch, you will rarely miss a phone call or text again.

3. Touch Screen Features

As with your iPhone and your iPad, you have a touch screen to navigate through apps and other tools, including contacts and Apple Pay. The screen can zoom in as well. Being able to swipe to pan across the home screen is also a handy feature to have on the Apple Watch.

4. Watch-to-Watch Communication

Now, with the Apple Watch you can communicate with someone within your circle of friends downloaded from your iPhone 6. You can call them, text them or even send a personal drawing to them. If you tap on your friend’s icon, they could even feel a buzz letting them know you are notifying them!

5. The Health and Fitness App

The Health and Fitness app doesn’t just measure how far you walk; it measures much more than any other fitness app. Realizing that sitting increases your sedentary rate, this app will advise you to how many times you get up from a sitting position. Using the GPS on your iPhone, this app will also measure the distance you accomplish in nearly any activity, such as walking, running, sprinting, cycling, and more. A fitness tracker and sports watch combined, your heart rate can be monitored and determine your level of activity. The Apple Watch also offers a dedicated work out app. Select your activity on the watch and monitor how many calories were burned.

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