A Review of the HTC One for Windows

It has been a long period of time since I have seen a high end device which is able to run Windows Phone 8 being launched from a different company other than Nokia. Even though Nokia Company has been dominating, HTC has not actually admitted defeat on the platform. They have actually demonstrated this. How? They have launched such a device. The new device by HTC is really the best. Both its hardware and design are similar to that of the Android version which was also launched at the beginning of this year (2014) by HTC.

The company has worked very hard to bring over other features. Some of these features include Duo Cam, BlinkFeed, and also Sense TV.

BlinkFeed is a very important feature. In case you are not familiar with BlinkFeed, it is a feature which comes on (some) HTC`s Android devices. It aggregates Twitter and Facebook posts, sports information, news, and more others into a list which is vertically scrolling on HTC’s launcher. HTC, on Windows Phone 8, does not have the pleasure of being powerful enough to change the launcher drastically. So, this feature, BlinkFeed, is included in the device as an app which will function in the same way like launcher widget on Android.

Since the HTC One for Windows share a similar hardware as M8, the company has brought over post processing effects which are enabled by secondary sensor in Duo Cam system. Furthermore, Video Highlights is also existing in stock OS. However, the camera application does not inherit manual controls from M8. Therefore, users who want more control ,especially over exposure of their own photos, will then have to actually look to Nokia`s Windows Phone device(s) or just buy an app such as ProShot. This is because ProShot has such controls.

Also, HTC One for Windows brings along Sense TV. This feature, Sense TV, act as a television guide. It also acts as a universal remote which displays when an individual`s favorite show is playing. It also acts as a universal remote which displays when the recommendations for shows that an individual may also like basing on what he or she has already watch.

Generally, this is a smart move especially for HTC. During the development of this device, instead of assuming extra risk as far as hardware development is concern, the resources required are just for the development of software.

For now, this device is a Verizon Wireless exclusive. It is only available in United State of America. The device is available for a promotional price of 100 USD with a 2-year contract. This device is also available at 30 USD a month. This is through the Verizon Edge financing plan. You can now purchase this device online or at retail stores.

In addition, Verizon has sweetened their offer using their own exclusive deal with NFL Mobile. Clients of its More Everything plan will be in a position to get NFL Mobile for the whole 2014 – 2015 pro football seasons. This includes access to NFL Network and live streaming games on their own Smartphone at no extra cost.

The major difference between Windows Phone and Android versions is their own operating systems. Both of them have similar hardware.

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