Issa Asad Exposes Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your E-commerce Website

Ecommerce website issa asadPlanning your own e-commerce website can be an exciting and challenging time. You’re finally realizing your dream come into reality! You’re going to sell products on the Internet!

Most people remember to get descriptive product content, to acquire clear graphics and visual elements and to plan their product catalog. There are other things to consider as well, including site design, server load, site infrastructure and much more. Are you leaving out some important considerations while starting your e-commerce website?

“If you leave out some important details for your e-commerce website, your business’ success rate can drop significantly,” said Issa Asad.

Issa Asad is a telecommunications expert and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the telecom and technology industries. Here are his top three common mistakes to avoid when starting an e-commerce website.

Too Many Dynamic Pages

A dynamic page is a website that has content processed in real-time from its servers. For example, news tickers, stocks, scores, advertisements and etc. are all “dynamic” content. Pages with dynamic content may take longer to load than pages with minimal to no dynamic content. Therefore, in order to cut down on loading times, you should limit the amount of pages in your e-commerce site that has dynamic content. Try to limit your dynamic content to just your homepage and you’ll keep users on your e-commerce site for longer periods of time.

Site Compatibility Issues

Did you know that more than 80 percent of people use Microsoft Internet Explorer for Internet browsing? Yes, that is right, the age-old IE browser still has the largest share of users, but what about Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser users? Make sure you completely test your e-commerce website on all browsers and make sure things like charts, pictures and user functionality works on every single one. If there’s one feature you absolutely have to use that isn’t compatible on every browser, put a disclaimer noting that the said feature is only supported in certain browsers.

Not Getting Enough Usability Feedback

Did you know that some e-commerce developers never get usability feedback from anyone outside their development team? This can be a huge mistake when starting your e-commerce website! Usability feedback contains surveys, tests, focus groups and other methods to rank how your website can be easily and readily used. Most developers and their teammates are too emotionally close to their website, and may actually be biased. Get some outside perspective on your e-commerce website, whether from spouses, friends or employees outside of the development team. Once you get the feedback, make sure you respond with necessary fixes!

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