Are You a Good CEO?

An interesting point of view, because as a CEO; you should always question yourself to improve your actions. Assay Advisory thanks for the reminder.


Formal Gil RobertsOriginally posted on East Bay Manufacturing Group Linked In page.

In my first article, I introduced three areas that are incredibly important for a CEO to be successful: 1) set the context, 2) manage the energy and 3) coach, not play. We have reviewed the importance of setting the context for the organization and managing the energy. This article concludes our series by focusing on how successful CEOs have learned to coach and not play.

Coach, Not Play: This seems easy, but for CEOs who have spent many years in the trenches, this is one of the hardest lessons to learn. As the leader, the CEO needs to be developing the skills and abilities of the management team. Having skilled employees who have the confidence to make decisions is the only way you will be able to back away and find the time to truly lead and plan the futureā€¦

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